Week 14

This is the page to find out what Chestnut class are up to this week.

English- Talk 4 writing 

Here are the new talk for writing booklets for this week. 

Year 1-  Bob The Bubble

Year 2 -  Uncover Unicorns

File icon: pdf Bob-F [pdf 10MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Y2-Unicorn-F [pdf 4MB] Click to download

Padlet Activities 

In our padlet work this week I  would like you to comment on: 


1- What you enjoyed or didn't enjoy about the story.

2- What it made you think of.

3- How it made you feel.

Padlet link: Reading response



Jabari Jumps- Monday 

Wild- Tuesday 

The Rhythm of the Rain - Wednesday 

We are Together- Thursday 


Year 1. This week we will contnue to use the Governments Letters and Sounds videos. They cover all the bases of what the children should be doing in the Summer term with their phonics work. 

Year 1 lessons

Monday- lesson 48

Tuesday- lesson 49

Wednesday- lesson 50

Thursday- lesson 51


Year 2 

See attached documents for comprehension

File icon: pdf Polar Animals Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity [pdf 637KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Tigers Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity [pdf 1MB] Click to download


Y1 Monday 

Time to the hour

Y1 Tuesday 

Time to the half hour

Y1 Wednesday

Writing time

Y1 Thursday

Comparing time

Y2 Monday 

Telling time to 5 minutes

Y2 Tuesday 

Hours and days 

Y2 Wednesday 

Find duration of time

Y2 Thursday 

Compare durations of time


Extra maths work

There is a section to accompany each day of maths if you are looking for extra work. 

 Food glorious food!


Monday- Task your child with creating a new school menu. Is there anything they’d like to keep the same? How can they make sure the menu offers healthy choices? Will the menu be different every day? Find or draw pictures of the food items. Have they included all of the food groups in each meal?

Tuesday-. Write a set of instructions for making toast or a healthy sandwich. Can they use time adverbs (Fist, After that,) & imperative verbs (cut, grate)? 

Wednesday- Design a new label for a cereal box. Your child must include a picture of what the cereal looks like, a mascot and an eye-catching logo. Can they write information about the cereal and why it’s healthy? They could include adjectives to describe the taste and an exclamation mark where relevant.

Thursday- Ask your child to write a poem about their favourite food. Can they make it a rhyming poem? Encourage them to perform it once they know it well.

Friday- Design a new milkshake. Your child can consider the ingredients they need to include, which ingredients work well together and an exciting name for the milkshake. They could even test out the creation and think about improvements.



learn 'Cauliflowers fluffy' song 

here are some other songs you might like to sing:

healthy eating song

water, food, rest and exercise

salt dough flower mobile

This week we are making a salt dough flower keep sake of our time in lockdown. You may wish to make it as a hanging mobile or just as a single hanging decoration. You could use this activity as a opportunity to discuss different colours in the natural environment as well as learning the names of species of flowers and plants. 


follow the link for full instructions. 

salt dough flower mobile

Afternoon Tasks

This weeks afternoon tasks are to celebrate the end of the school year and also exploring more food based on our science work this week. 

Day of the week Learning  Task to complete


Monday- Over the last year, your child will have created many school memories that they will cherish forever. Capture these memories in a fun way by asking your child to create a ‘Memory Jar’. Using coloured paper ask your child to draw or write down their favourite memories. They can use different colours to show different categories of memory e.g. blue for friendship, yellow for teachers, red for favourite lessons, green for school trips. Use a jam jar or a plastic bottle to collect their memories; they could even personalise their jar with decoration

Tuesday Achievements  Tuesday- Your child has achieved so much over the course of the year and now it is time to reflect on what makes them proud. Ask your child to think about their proudest academic achievements and their proudest achievements outside of the classroom too. After discussing your child’s accomplishments, ask them to choose one. Work together to design and create an achievement medal. Do this by cutting a piece of cardboard into a circle or star shape, painting it gold or sticking shiny paper to it. Write the number one on the medal and add string or ribbon. Why not have a ceremony and present the medal to your child?

Tally charts

 Finding Favourite Foods- Ask your child to survey the family about their favourite foods. They could choose particular food types e.g. favourite fruit, vegetable, healthy snack, drink, etc. They might wish to call some family members so that they have more data to represent. Can they tally the information that they have collected? As a challenge, they could represent this as a pictogram and then write statements about their findings e.g. Strawberries are the most popular fruit


Food in England

Traditional Tastes- Many cultures have various food dishes to celebrate their festivals. For example, in England we cook pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Can your child create a fact file about a special food that is eaten in England during a festival? See here for some inspiration. Why not have a go at making one of the dishes if you have the ingredients? You can also discuss traditional food that is enjoyed within your own family.